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V50A9394.jpegHow much do you read for your own personal interest?
? ? ? 你是否会因为自己的兴趣而阅读呢?


I was talking to some Grade 3 students about the famous buildings on the Bulletin Board that Ms. Connie & Ms. Willow created.??While some students recognized some of the places, one child was able to tell me the location of all of them in English.??When I asked the student which places he had visited, he said none of them, I read about all of them!?This is an excellent example of how reading can increase one's knowledge and provide passion for future interests!


Steve Olah

Head of School (ID)

外方校长 (国际部)

Two weeks at a Glance



? Elementary School

The Chinese Temple Fair was held on Friday February 22nd. This fair had a variety of stalls and activities and was a great success – I thank all teachers, students and parents who were involved in this lovely event.



? Middle School


International Schools Choral?Musical Society?Festival?in Shanghai was held from February 20-23. Our students joined roughly 400 other performers to perform Michael Tippet's "Five Spirituals" from A Child of our Time, as well as one commissioned piece by Chris Artley, "Oh, my Children", and the Jenkins award winning piece "West Lake Pavilion" written by Jay Yu. Students had the opportunity to work with choir master, David Squire, and meet and sing with students from 23 other schools from around the globe. Thank you Ms. Hollander, Ms. Warren and Ms. Teddy for making this happen.

国际学校合唱音乐节于220日至23日在上海举行。我们的学生和来自其他学校的400多位孩子一起表演了多种多样的曲目,包括Tippet 我们时代的孩子选段五个灵魂,新西兰着名作曲家Artley专门为音乐节创作的作品哦我的孩子Jay Yu “詹金斯奖获奖作品西湖亭。同学们有机会与指挥家Squire先生合作,并和来自全球其他23个学校的学生一起演唱。感谢HollanderWarrenTeddy三位老师的组织和付出。

Students have just left for the Dalian American International School Model United Nations held from Thursday 28 February until Sunday 3 March 2019.

Students are in rehearsals for our International division production of the Wizard of Oz on March 13th and 14th.



? High School

?PARENT-TEACHER CONFERENCES took place last week.??To those parents who attended, we hope that the conferences were successful for you, and that you had an opportunity to discuss your questions and concerns with some of the teachers. If you have any feedback about the conferences, please just send the teacher or me an email message.


Please remember that when a parent?has a concern about their child’s performance and experience in a subject, the first person to talk to is the teacher of the subject.??This this is the best way to resolve any issues and concerns.


We invite all parents who wish to meet a teacher for an individual conference to contact that teacher directly by email (the email address is in ManageBac) or have the homeroom teacher assist in making arrangements.??Teachers are available to meet you by appointment.


IBDP MOCK EXAMS?begin this Friday March 1.??These exams are important practice for grade 12 (IB year 2) students for their May exams.??The results of the Mock Exams will affect each students Predicted Grade for the IB Diploma.


Please discuss with your Grade 12 student the importance of studying for the mock exams, especially this weekend.??The exams will continue until March 11.??A schedule of the exams will be posted via ManageBac.

请和12 年级的学生强调认真准备模拟考试的重要性,尤其是要利用好这个周末的时间。模拟考试将持续到311日,考试安排将会通过MB发布。


Eric Albert Heim

High School Principal
? ? ? ?高中部主任

Email: erich@pkujx.cn

Teacher Talks



In our Pre-IB Sports, Exercise and Health Science class we have been studying the musculoskeletal system which includes the bones and joints, and the muscular system which contains the muscles. One of the key parts of our curriculum is to understand that the musculoskeletal system plays a vital role in allowing us to do all the movements that are needed in daily life. By using both models and their bodies, students make connections between textbook curriculum and themselves and the real world.

Pre-IB的体育运动与健康科学课上,同学们学习肌肉骨骼系统,这包括骨骼、关节和肌肉系统。课程的一个关键组成部分是了解肌肉骨骼系统,这个系统在我们的日常生活中扮演着至关重要的角色 离开了它,很多人体的运动将无法进行。同学们通过使用模型以及对照自己的身体,在书本知识和真实世界之间建立了联系,也对自己身体机能建立了更加深刻的认知。

Frederico Cabrita


DP 体育运动与健康科学

DP专栏 ?DP Corner

The skill of asking for help
? ? ? 寻求帮助的技巧


For DP students asking for help can be essential, as DP study is a process of utilizing resources offered by the school. Everything can be helpful resources, such as your teachers, your librarians, your principles, your coordinators, your classmates, and of course your Head of school even.


The benefits of asking for help when you are stuck or under pressure are very obvious:


When you show a sign of vulnerability, at the same time you open a door for building a close relationship by approaching others;


?Finally, it helps you to build a self-confident personality and build better communication skills. When you are open and willing to receive help and benefit from the help, you know you are strong.?


?It helps you to become a team player and the help offered by others will boost your strength;


Don’t be afraid of being turned down by your classmates or friends. Usually, it reflects that other people have limitations too;


It can help you to be more clear of what your difficulty is. Thus you can better organize your thoughts for the study;


Asking for help is not only a necessary skill international schools are promoting for students, but also skill students need when you study overseas. Hence, I would like to ask help from parents to encourage our students to reach out for help.?

国际学校注重培养学生善于寻求帮助的能力,这也是海外学习的必备技能。在这里我希望呼吁来自家长们的帮助 – 请您鼓励自己的孩子积极寻求帮助。




College advising


How the IBDP is of Especially High Value for Chinese Students



University representatives are aware that international students may struggle to adjust to life and academics abroad. They look for signs that the student is independent, self-motivated, and passionate about their studies. They also look for signs that the student will adapt to a new culture and feel comfortable socially.?


The IBDP offers students exposure to an academic and social environment that prepares them for higher education abroad because it emphasizes self-management, collaboration, co-curricular activities, and balance.


There are significant differences between the experiences students have in a traditional Chinese education and in a western education. Chinese education is very directed and focuses on the acquisition of knowledge, western education focuses on opportunities for students to develop skills for group work, long-term projects, creativity, and critical thinking.


University representatives are aware of these differences and are sometimes more open to a Chinese student who has experienced a western style of education.


Additionally, due to the involvement of agents, a lack of exposure to western education, and lack of exposure to English, Chinese students do experience a significant rate of failure at higher education institutions abroad.


Reports from the UK, US, and Australia show that Chinese students are underprepared for the experience both socially and academically. There are also occasional issues with cheating, which costed a large group of Chinese students to be expelled from competitive institutions in the US.?


The IB, however, is excellent exposure for Chinese students and is a guarantee to universities that the applicant is more suitable to their program.



Tongwen Reading Club


好书推荐 Recommended Books


Charles Dickens (Feb 7, 1812 – June 9, 1870) – A Victorian novelist born in Portsea, England. He is regarded as the greatest English Writers of all times. His most popular books are – A Christmas Carol, A tale of two Cities, Great Expectations, Oliver Twist – these are available in your library.

查尔斯·狄更斯 (181227- 187069) 是一位维多利亚时代的小说家,他出生于英国的波特西,是英国历史上最伟大的作家。他最广为人知作品有《圣诞颂歌》,《双城记》,《远大前程》,《雾都孤儿》, 这些书都可以从学校图书馆借阅。


Jerry Spinelli – (Feb 1, 1941 -? ) – Award Winning children’s book author born in Norristown, Pennsylvania (USA). He worked as a magazine editor for many years, before he first published his books for children – Space Station Seventh Grade in 1982. Some of his books in our library are – Fourth Grade Rat; Love, Stargirl; Blue Ribbon Blues: a Tooter Tale, Mama Seeton’s Whistle.

杰瑞· 史宾尼利 (生于19411) 是一位屡获殊荣的儿童文学作家。他出生在美国的宾夕法尼亚州的诺里斯敦市,第一部儿童作品《七年级空间站》发表于1982年,在这之前他一直从事杂志编辑的工作。我们的图书馆收集了他的很多作品,比如:《像小鼠一样的四年级学生》,《爱》,《星星女孩》,《蓝丝带》,《嘟嘟的故事》,《西顿妈妈的口哨》。


Judy Blume – ( Feb 12, 1938 -? ) – Born in New Jersey, Judy began her writing career in 1960’s. She has written many interesting stories, She is a very popular author among the children and the young adults. Her books – ‘Tales of a fourth grade nothing”; Super fudge, Soupy Saturdays with the pain and the Grade one; Going, going, gone; Fudge a mania and many more are ready for check out!

朱迪·布鲁姆 (生于1938年2月12日) 出生于新泽西州,从1960年代开始了写作生涯。她写了许多有趣的故事,在儿童和青少年人中非常受欢迎。她的书有《四年级小人物的故事》,《超级骗子》,《与痛苦者和得意者过多愁善感的星期六》,《去,去,去吧》,《骗子狂》等等,还有许多有关她的书期待你来发现。


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